inDirect CRM is specialized CRM solution for companies which are indirectly approaching the market. This is solution for companies that would like to use the CRM functinality but are doing the business with end customers indirectly.
Typical scenarios for inDirect CRM deployments are:


Supplier / Vendor
End customer


In this scenario your interest is to track the sales opportunities to your resellers which are offering solutiont to end customers. Companies that are using this model of operation (distributors, sales agencies) can fully enjoy ability to track the full sales cycle, possiblity to adress both reseller and end customer to influence the sales opportunity as well as have full visibility of the environment and business surroundings in which it is operating.


In order to minimize the date entry and enable you to focus on the sales funnel istead of retyping the same data from your business systems soultion can accept import of data (opportinites and product details as well as invoice and invoice details) in order to allow fastest possible entry and creation of the opportunities and with insight in the actual sales data you can view and tracke performance of the whole process.
Main dashboard is allowing you to get immediate insight on the sales performance.