Proximity marketing platform is complex solution based on Bluetooth Low Energy tehnology.

This solution comprised of Bluetooth LE devices, cloud based Marketing Content Management System, mobile application running on iOS or Android platform enable you to acquire, identify and target your customers with marketing messages directly. This new approach is specific as your marketing efforts can be immediate, direct and mesureable. This apprach is the first time that you can have immediate and direct feedback on your marketing actions and spending with ability to adjust the marketing efforts on the go in order to maximize the results.


Using relatively inexpensive and passive Bluetooth LE techology based device means that there is no complex network that you need to maintain. You just need to set up the device and immediatelly thay can be integrated with the rest of the system. Our expertize in electrical engineering will make sure that your deployment is optimal ant that it will provide correct and acurate coverage of the floor space (beeing it store, large shopping space or multiple separate locations). You want more granular identification within your space, no problem fo us.

2. Mobile application

Mobile application connected to your brand is the main link between the sensor network and the marketing content delivered. This application contains subset of traditional functionalities expected of shopping or brand related applicatation with clear distinction that it can recognize your sensor network and interact with it. It can be used as an integral medium for delivering the marketing messages, coupons, track customer loyalty.

3. Marketing CMS platform

Cloud based and deployed Marketing CMS platform ensures that sensor network is providing the valuabe data. Ability to identify the visitors, track their movement patterns, measire stay witing the zones and recognize when they are approaching or leaving the zones is integral part of the solution. Combined with ability to integrate this basic proximity information with social information of the visitor enable you to define and set up complex mechanism of rules and trigers for delivering the marketing message to them. 

4. Integral Virtual Marketing Team

In order to maximize the results of proximity marketing solution our team of highly skilled individuals with marketing, social psychology and communicology background can work as your virtual marketing team. Leveraging the technology and expirience we can make sure that every marketing investment is carefully planned, executed and that is will deliver best possible results.